Walking with Pride

Wellways joined the annual Out in the Park for Tas Pride event at Otto’s Grotto, in Ulverstone on Tasmania’s north west coast. The Connect for Life event was this year celebrating progress towards equality, encouraging community diversity and raising awareness for LGBTIQ+ support services. 

LGBTIQ+ rights activist Rodney Croome spoke at the event and acknowledged how far Ulverstone had come since 1989 when it was dubbed Australia’s most homophobic town. “The North West Coast has led, in so many ways, the state and the nation towards greater inclusion and acceptance,” Mr Croome said.

Hitting the streets

Dubbo Wellways was proud to participate in the 4th annual Dubbo Pride March. Other organisations, groups and the public joined the march celebrating this year’s “unity” theme. Although most LGBTIQ+ Australians live healthy and happy lives, research shows that a disproportionate number experience poorer mental health and have a higher risk of suicide than their peers. The poor health outcomes are directly related to experiences of stigma, prejudice, discrimination and abuse. Some Wellways participants also joined in the walk and events held at Victoria park. It was a great day for all community involved.

Arty gardeners

The Wellways gardening group at the Langwarrin Community Centre Community Garden are doing more than just gardening. They are working on some garden art and have begun a Wellways mosaic and other creative items for their patch.

A big thank you to the Langwarrin Community Centre Inc. for creating this beautiful space for community members to watch their garden grow.

Pedal to the metal

Staff from our Frankston office recently visited ‘Evergreen Terrace’ in Jindivick. The property is offered to local carers in need of a break and is situated 1.5 hours from Melbourne in a peaceful, picturesque setting. The modest, older-style house sleeps up to eight people and has just been updated with new carpet and improved bathrooms. 

The Wellways team looked to see what they can provide carers and visited Jindivick, population 500. They inspected a local art gallery where they met metal artist, Laurie Collins, who did a quick demonstration and made a shiny Wellways sign, pictured in the photo above. 

Celebrating diversity

Wellways Geelong marked International Day of People with Disability with fun activities at EDGE Community services.  Also attending the celebration was newly re-elected Geelong MLA Christine Couzens. International Day of People with Disability was founded in 1992 by the United Nations to raise awareness of the intrinsic value of integration of people with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life. 

Over four million Australians have some form of disability. Geelong has a particularly important place on a national level in leading the way on being an inclusive and welcoming community for people with a disability. It is now home to the National Disability Insurance Agency and has a long history of supporting people with a disability in the community. 

Beach to the Bush

When the original sponsors withdrew at the last minute, Wellways stepped in to sponsor the Dubbo Rhinos Rugby Union club’s “Beach to the Bush” tournament, held in conjunction with NSW Rugby. The event was a great success and attracted a lot of media attention for Wellways.

The Rhinos have supported many players who have struggled with mental health issues and have also helped break down stigma associated with it. Long-term club member, player and builder Bruno Efoti saw a need to assist players and fellow builders with their wellbeing. For many years Bruno has unofficially taken on a counselling role at the club helping and supporting many men who are struggling with their mental health.