With the car jam-packed and the music blasting, Opening Doors set off on a 3-day adventure to Breshalbi Farm, a stunning 120-acre farm located in magical realm of the East Gippsland’s Colquhoun Regional Park. Marking Wellways very first participant led-trip, we set off with enthusiasm and excitement, eager to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to relax and unwind. Nature enveloped us as soon as our shoes touched the grass, the resident cows greeted us with a friendly “moo” and the rolling hills brought serenity to our minds. With no television to entertain, the board games soon emerged, and the battle of Pictionary began. Laughter filled the air as we attempted to decipher each other’s drawings and we were soon darting around the room desperately trying to win at Charades. Wild walks among the rainforest, on the beach and in the town of Lakes Entrance gave us the opportunity to explore our new surroundings. To the ‘clink’ of our glasses, words of gratitude were exchanged as we celebrated the end of a fantastic trip. There was just one question lingering on everyone’s lips; “When can we come again?”.