With more than 200 guests in attendance, it was a full house at the Artist’s Soiree at Cube 37 in Frankston on the evening of Monday 9 October.

It was a fun night for the artists who contributed to the Wellways 2017 Mental Health Week Peninsula Art Exhibition where they celebrated and shared their stories with family, friends and the community.

The exhibition is an annual event showcasing the talents of local artists affected by mental health issues – this includes people with lived experience, their carers and significant others.

The exhibition included more than 140 pieces of art in a diverse range of media including painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. Many of the artists shared the inspiration behind their work which created a very powerful and unique viewing experience.

Artist Sylvia Payne was awarded Runner up in the People’s Choice award for her piece, Worn III. Sylvia said it was great to see the array of imaginative and creative artwork by people, who at various points of their lives have struggled with or helped an individual with a mental illness.

“Everyone helped to create an artwork of small individual canvases with hearts... We enjoyed the evening immensely.

“I was excited and honoured to be awarded runner up for my artwork,” Sylvia said.

Watch a video of the evening.