At Wellways, our commitment to advocacy is central to our work. Advocacy opens the doors to participation in the community, including employment, housing and relationships. Our advocacy work ensures that the people we serve have many opportunities to fully participate in the community, without stigma and discrimination.

The Wellways advocacy team is participating in the Victorian consultation for the draft Fifth National Mental Health Plan and invites responses from advocacy members to the draft plan via a survey. Member responses will inform the Wellways corporate response to the plan. Members can also contact the advocacy team on 1300 111 400 or

In June, Wellways formally responded to the Department of Social Services (DSS) concept for a new Integrated Carer Support Service, with DSS releasing the draft Service Model just last week for feedback. Advocacy members can contribute their views and experiences of carer support services, via a survey, which will inform our submission to the draft Service Model.

With Commonwealth mental health respite funding being rolled into the new model, it is a crucial time for the direction and development of carer support services.