11 July 2018

Know someone who struggles to get up?
Did you know half of us will experience a mental health issue in our lives? Building a Future gives you the skills to help your friend or relative with mental health issues on the road to recovery. You’ll learn about support, treatment options and practical tips on how to help. You’ll also get to hear from people who have been there.

“Hearing other families' stories helped me realise our family is not alone. In the same way, hearing someone’s story of recovery was extraordinary. It helped me to see there is hope for the future”
- Program participant

Wellways Building a Future is an 8 session mental health education and support program for families, friend and carers of someone experiencing mental health issues. The program is led by peers – trained people who have their own lived experience as a family member, friend or carer.

Building a Future provides families and friends with:

  • up-to-date mental health information
  • strategies and skills to improve wellbeing and relationships
  • knowledge and support from others with similar experiences
  • information and strategies on accessing services and supports
  • an opportunity to explore self-care and family wellbeing
  • a chance to connect with others in a supportive environment

There’s a course starting 11 July in Shepparton. 


Marie Salakowski
0439 738 302
Department of Rural Health 49 Graham Street, Shepparton