8 March

If you would like the opportunity to catch up with other carers then please join us for an outing to the Blue Lotus Water Garden. It is located in Yarra Junction and you will have the opportunity to explore the gardens, purchase plants and also enjoy a group tour and lunch.
The garden has now grown to cover over 50,000 square metres (14 acres) featuring thousands of exotic and native flowering plants featuring waterlilies, lotus & other rare plants. It also features dozens of ponds and two lakes all connected by walking tracks and 15 ornate bridges. Other attractions include four greenhouses that grow rare plants such as the world's largest lily species, the spectacular Giant Amazon Lily.

We will be meeting at Cerezo Deli, Janefield Drive, University Hill at 8.30 am

Veronica Komodromou
0414 530 288
6 March
Yarra Junction