Volunteering is part of the history and culture of Wellways. In fact, our organisation was founded on the efforts of volunteer family members seeking to improve the lives of people with mental health issues.

Our volunteers are people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and walks of life. They are community members, including people who have experienced mental health issues, and their family members and friends, who bring valued enthusiasm, expertise and compassion to our organisation.

Our volunteer programs focus on community inclusion, helping to create more welcoming spaces in community and supporting people to increase their sense of belonging within their community. We offer opportunities, training and support to people willing to give their time, skills, expertise, passion and energy.

We seek people who recognise the value of sharing their experiences in order to create opportunities for inclusion and belonging for people who feel isolated and excluded because of mental health issues.

How do I get involved?

We have a Helpline people can call for referrals and support, and our Helpline volunteers make scheduled weekly outgoing calls to people who have been referred to us by their workers.

Life in Community is a volunteer program supporting individuals recovering from mental health issues, and their family members and carers, in engaging in community activities.

Brainwaves is a Melbourne-based weekly community radio program run by volunteers who have experienced mental health issues.

Our offices in the ACT and Victoria also sometimes need volunteers. Contact your local office to see how you can help.

ACT: Gavin Bussenschut on (02) 6246 7101 or gbussenschut@wellways.org

Murray: Tegan Williams on (03) 5822 8600 or twilliams@wellways.org

Gippsland: Kathryn Foale on (03) 5622 4102 or kfoale@wellways.org

Barwon and Grampians: Brendan Sells on (03) 5292 1680 or mailto:bsells@wellways.org

Great South Coast: Larry April on (03) 5560 3017 or lapril@wellways.org

South East Melbourne: Fiorella Mendoza on (03) 9784 6800 or fmendoza@wellways.org