Who can be a Wellways Volunteer? 

We are a very diverse and inclusive organisation who connect with people from all walks of life. If that sounds like the environment for you, we want to hear from you! There are just a few requirements we have for our volunteers:

  • Must pass a national police check and WWCC (paid for by Wellways).
  • Must complete online NDIS module (free).
  • Must have a mobile phone and be able to travel via car or public transport (reasonable reimbursements apply).

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • Vital experience within the mental health, care and disability sector
  • Develop new skills through training and ongoing education
  • Develop a broader understanding of mental health, disability, care and recovery
  • Contribute to reducing stigma and increasing mental health literacy in the community
  • Apply lived experience to foster positive change in communities
  • Potential opportunities for future paid employment with our programs
  • Opportunity to gain an employment reference from Wellways

What requirements do I need to volunteer?

We require that you successfully complete or show evidence of a valid NSW Working With Children Check (WWCC), National Police Check (NPC) and NDIS module. If you do not currently have these, Wellways will cover the cost to obtain them.

Ability to catch public transport or drive - reasonable costs will be reimbursed.

What skills do I need to volunteer?

Our volunteers are not required to have any qualifications or specific skills other than the ability to create safe, inclusive spaces and act with empathy & compassion.

How much time do I need to give to volunteering?

We ask for a minimum 2 hours of volunteering per fortnight for a minimum 4 month commitment. This allows volunteers to connect in a meaningful way with their position and the participants.

Will I get training?

Yes - every volunteer will receive Induction training. There will be ongoing opportunities for group training and depending on your role you may receive some individual training.

How do I get matched with a participant?

Volunteers will initially get involved in Wellways groups to meet our participants in a relaxed group environment. Both volunteers and participants may also be given the opportunity to request their preferences (gender, age group etc) in a matching and we will do our best to accommodate for this.

Do I need to have experience living with a mental health issue or disability to apply?

It is not necessary for you to have experience living with a mental health issue or disability to be a volunteer. We warmly invite those who have a lived experience to apply.

Do I need a drivers licence?

It is not a requirement that you hold a drivers licence to be a volunteer. However, you will need to be able to catch public transport to our office spaces and other spaces around South West Sydney.

Will I have opportunities for paid work?

Not within your volunteer role. However, the skills obtained from volunteering will be a great complement to your studies and a good addition to your CV. If suitable paid work opportunities arise at Wellways you are encouraged to apply.

How do I apply to be a volunteer, what is the process?

You’re in the right place!

  1. To apply - complete this online application form.
  2. Receive an email - we will be in touch within 2 weeks to let you know about upcoming group interviews.
  3. Group Interview - we will invite you to a group interview so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. 
  4. Induction training - if it seems like a good fit, we will invite you to attend an Induction training. You will also receive ongoing training and support with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  5. Screening check - completion of WWCC, NPC and NDIS module before commencement.