⚠️ LAST UPDATED: 23 March 2020 2:35pm

Following advice from health authorities to protect the health and safety of our participants, our staff and the community we are taking measures to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19. Non-essential and face-to-face services, programs and events are being cancelled, postponed or modified.

Public access to Wellways offices will now be restricted to essential staff only and walk-in services are now suspended.

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Taking care of yourself
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How we're minimising the spread of COVID-19
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Taking care of yourself

Keep informed

It’s important to get accurate information from credible sources. You can access more information from:
Australian Government website
World Health Organization
NDIS website

Check for symptoms

Should you or someone you live with begin to feel unwell or experience any symptoms such as fever, a cough, sore throat or fatigue, call your GP and follow their advice.

Stay at home

Self-isolation or self-quarantine involves staying home and avoiding public places, like restaurants or shopping centres. Please call your support coordinator if or when you are sick.

Our services and programs

We are taking measures to minimise the impact of COVID-19 for NDIS and program participants. Here is how they will be affected:

Non-essential and face-to-face services, programs and events are being cancelled, postponed or modified

To support the most vulnerable amongst our communities, we have determined that we will no longer hold any public face-to-face events until further notice.

Public access to Wellways offices will now be restricted to essential staff only and walk-in services are now suspended.

For the safety of our participants and staff, we will no longer be able to accept walk-ins to our offices. Please call your local office or call our main reception line on 1300 111 400 for assistance.

Office locations

Vital face-to-face services will continue

For services, where face to face contact is vital (e.g. residential services, essential NDIS supports such as Supported Independent Living (SIL) and personal care, child safety and homeless/rough sleeping outreach), we will continue to provide services consistent with best practice guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. (e.g. use of personal protective equipment and physical distancing where necessary).

Explore delivery options for core services

Following National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) guidance on greater flexibility in how core supports can be offered (e.g. community access support via phone/online or obtaining supplies on behalf of a participant), we will explore the range of options available to reduce isolation for NDIS participants and keep them connected.

We will be in contact

Support staff will reach out and discuss with each of our participants how they can continue to receive non-essential support with no face-to-face contact (this could be by phone, Skype or other digital means).

Keeping connected

We will continue to think innovatively about how we can keep people connected through the period of heightened concern, including looking at how we can best deliver group programs remotely.


How we're minimising the spread of COVID-19 in our offices

Remote working and flexible working

Wellways has always enabled flexible working practices for our people. We are further promoting flexible working approaches during this time. This means that we will have a mix of staff in the office and working from home. Our workgroups and teams are having a 30-minute touch base each morning to check in on daily work progress and personal check-ins.

Physical distancing (social distancing)

We will exercise physical distancing (formally known as social distancing) and best practice hygiene protocols.

Quick and informed responses to COVID-19

Wellways has established a COVID-19 Working Group who meets daily to discuss our response to COVID-19 and we are providing our team members with up to date information from credible sources in relation to COVID-19 and the implication for workplace practices.


Support is available

Important numbers

National Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080. This service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Health Direct - 1800 022 222 – for health advice from a registered nurse.
Translating and Interpreter Service - 131 450.

Looking after your mental health

It’s normal to feel unsettled or overwhelmed by news of an outbreak, so please look after your mental health.
Check out Beyond Blue's guide to taking care at this time.

If you are experiencing heightened anxiety or stress because of current events, Wellways Helpline can help. Call 1300 111 500. It provides support from 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday.