You hear a lot about speaking your “truth”. It seems to be a new buzz word lately. I have struggled with this idea – was I missing something?

I think all ideas have the power to liberate us or exclude us, depending on how they are communicated. Often it seems to me these ideas are magically supposed to make sense when we hear them just like, “recovery”, “identity”, “safety” and “inclusion”.

At times I feel quite stupid for not “getting it” straight away. I need to chew on the concepts like a dog with a bone for a while though, to really understand. As usual, I discovered there were a few links missing in the way the idea was being shared that stopped me from truly understanding it.

My gnawing thoughts soon uncovered online that Speaking My Truth is being sold as a stand-alone movie when really it is more like the Star Wars franchise. Were the Speaking My Truth gurus the scriptwriters and I just the actor with little say in the production - confused by the plot and dialogue?

  • My solution was to write, produce and direct my own version. To me there are several integral parts to the story – it just didn’t make sense to me as a one movie deal. I have come to think of them as: Speaking My Truth the trilogy
  • Knowing our own truth (working it out phase – what is my truth right now?)
  • Speaking My Truth (practicing the “doing” safely and responsibly while being gentle on myself)
  • Speaking My Truth to power (sometimes the scary part – remembering safety and being respectful of multiple truths).

But then I realised there was more to it still: Speaking My Truth the Prequel Trilogy or the Back Story:

  • Identity – (Discovery of who I am – essential to being able to have my own truth)
  • Coming to realise I am entitled to my own truth (this might contradict messages I have been told)
  • Finding my own truth (life long journey – truth may not be a static thing – it may evolve, just as I do).

There is a very interesting soundtrack to the series which includes some laughter, screaming and a few tears. While I am the main character in it, at times it seems like I played a peripheral role. I have at various times been protagonist, antagonist, “victim”, villain and anti-hero. There are some crazy costume scenes and I do all my own stunts. There is a constant theme of: “If it is to be it’s up to me.”

I am not sure that the work is finished yet. I think there are further chapters to go in the franchise especially in the Speaking My Truth to Power episode. Stay tuned for a spin-off series – How to recognise your ‘Facts’ are a world view – just like mine. That will have a very interesting soundtrack.

I’d be interested to hear of any ideas that others have found tricky to grasp – or easy ­– for that matter. What makes the difference for you? How do you make sense of these ideas?

Charles Anderson
LGBTIQ+ Peer Project Manager and Peer Trainer