There are so many self-help books, blogs and websites - all claiming to have the answer to life’s ever-present challenges.

Over the journey, I have spent a lot of time on “myself”, in the sense of trying to uncover the real me. Who is the real me? Why spend time on this… am I being overly narcissistic or something? Many of us do not possess a clear vision of who we are and what we want to do with this gift called “life”. This can lead us on an endless search for self-awareness/self-satisfaction… often without a lot of success.

How do we discover the answer to the perennial question, “who am I and where do I fit into the world I live in?” Do we really need to spend hours on self-examination, trying to come up with an answer that quite possibly is more obvious than we perceive?

These questions can consume people, often to the extent of precipitating mental un-wellness.

The battle to “fit in” can unwittingly send us hurtling internally on an intense set of emotional highs and lows. This can prevent us from being able to genuinely chill-out, without the need for stimulants such as drugs or even alcohol.

The reality is there isn’t some magical potion that will suddenly bring us to an “ah ha” moment.

Human behaviour is often strikingly similar in so many ways, yet uniquely different at the same time… such is the paradox of our species.

In the overall scheme of things, perhaps it is all about simplicity? The famous KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle.

What more complex yet predictable example is there than to observe nature itself? We defy nature at our peril. Global warming is testament to that. Nature over the millennia has bobbed and weaved in response to the evolution of planet earth, while at all times maintaining an essential balance. We can and should learn from this.

There is a way of looking at things from a personal perspective that allows us to simply “be”… which may well lead us to discovering who we really are and how we might more readily accept ourselves… warts and all?

We should take note of the way Spring follows Winter, night follows day. The seasons reflect the differences without fail all the time, every time.

Simple yet wondrous synergies are to be seen everywhere when we stop to ponder nature and how everything in the natural order is so wonderfully intertwined.

What better example is there for us to observe what is going on in our world, rather than to choose to walk with it? Rather than trying to beat it.

For the sake of our mental wellness we would be well advised to immerse ourselves in the natural flow, recognising that life isn’t a competition. It’s about being. There can be nothing more satisfying than fitting-in… to the natural balance of the world.

Fitting in to the flow of nature is what we should strive to do, every day.

David Corduff