Quality Policy

Our commitment to high quality services and programs 

Wellways Australia is dedicated to providing programs and services that meet the needs of our participants, their families and communities. We focus on industry best practice with a “people-led” approach.

To support this commitment, we have a Quality Policy that guides our services and systems and ensures they are constantly monitored and always improving. 

The Quality Policy guides all programs and services to ensure they meet the required standards and goals as outlined in corporate policy, along with industry and regulatory standards.

How does this policy work?

The Wellways Quality Management System is a framework for setting quality objectives and measuring performance. It also guides development and implementation of our continuous improvement.
This process is led by our quality committee and overseen by our executive leadership team and clinical governance committee. 

Our people are essential to our success

This policy applies to all Wellways Australia employees and volunteers. They are responsible to ensure that quality and continuous improvement are values embedded within their own work areas.

Strategic Goals 

Goal 1: To develop and deliver specialist, best practice, people-led programs and services.
Goal 2: To increase the number and diversity of participants who we work with.
Goal 3: To be a key thought leader and influencer nationally and locally.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic priority 1: A people-led approach.
Strategic priority 2: Effective advocacy at individual, family, community and systems levels.
Strategic priority 3: Strong, dynamic and resilient organisation.
Strategic priority 4: A culture of learning and innovation.

How we meet our quality objectives

Our objectives are clearly stated and this enables us to set targets and also monitor and evaluate service quality. These objectives have been developed to reflect our mission, values and strategic goals as well as the various quality and service standards that apply to us: 

  1. We ensure that participants and families have fair and equal access to our services.
  2. We ensure that participants and families exercise choice and control over their services.
  3. We deliver welcoming and inclusive services to participants and families.
  4. We deliver person-centred services to participants and families.
  5. We deliver reliable services to participants and families.
  6. We deliver responsive services to participants and families.
  7. We deliver effective services to participants and families.
  8. We ensure participants and families are safe in our services and programs.
  9. We continue to value and harness lived experience and encourage participation from the participants and families.

We collect and analyse performance data relating to these objectives. This data is periodically reported through our Quality Performance Reporting Framework to the quality and clinical governance committees and our executive leadership.  

Other ways we manage standards

Wellways has additional systems to support our Quality Performance Reporting Framework. These include the:

  • Compliments and complaints management system.
  • Service outcome reporting system.
  • Internal Quality audit system.
  • Document management system.
  • Corrective action and continuous improvement system.

Additional systems support quality

Our Quality Management System is supported by systems and activities, including the:

  • Co-production framework. 
  • Clinical governance framework.
  • Enterprise risk management system.
  • Information and knowledge management system.
  • Compliance management system
  • Work, health and safety management system.
  • People and culture activities. 

How we continuously improve

Wellways is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our quality committee, clinical governance committee and executive leadership review quality and performance data and commission initiatives and projects to continuously improve our systems and processes. Please refer to Continuous Quality Improvement Policy.

Certification and independent review

Wellways is accredited against these quality and service standards:

  • Attendant Care Industry Standard 2013 (ACIS 2013)
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Quality management systems - Requirements (AS/NZS 9001:2016)
  • New South Wales Disability Service Standards (NSW DSS)
  • Queensland Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF Standards)
  • Home Care Common Standards (HCCS)
  • National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS)
  • Quality Improvement Council Health Community Service Standards 7th Ed. (QIC Standards)
  • Victorian Human Services Standards (HSS).