Our approach to quality

Quality is of great importance to Wellways, as we value the participants, families and communities we serve, and we strive to provide services which meet or even exceed their expectations.

Our Quality Management System

We have established a Quality Management System to provide a framework for setting quality objectives, measuring performance and developing and implementing continuous improvement activities. Our Quality Management System is monitored by our Quality, Risk and Safety Committee and overseen by our Executive Leadership Team and Board Quality and Safety Committee.

Our Quality Objectives

We have determined the following objectives to enable us to set targets and to monitor and evaluate service quality. These objectives have been developed to reflect our mission, values and strategic goals as well as the various quality and service standards that apply to us: 

  1. We will ensure that participants and families have fair and equal access to our services.
  2. We will ensure that participants and families exercise choice and control over their services.
  3. We will deliver welcoming and inclusive services to participants and families.
  4. We will deliver person centred services to participants and families.
  5. We will deliver reliable services to participants and families.
  6. We will deliver responsive services to participants and families.
  7. We will deliver effective services to participants and families.
  8. We will ensure participants and families are safe in our services and programs.
  9. We will continue to value and harness lived experience and encourage participation from the participants and families.

We collect and analyse performance data relating to these objectives.

How we measure Quality performance

We monitor and measure our performance in a range of additional quality systems, including the:

  • Compliments and Complaints
  • Surveys
  • Service Outcomes
  • Internal Quality Audits

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We continually review our quality performance and use this to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Certification and Independent Review

We are currently accredited against the following standards, which provides independent assurance that our services are of quality. 

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