What is the Participant Handbook?

The Wellways Participant Handbook provides participants and families with important information on their rights and responsibilities.

It gives you the important information you need about using our services. It also provides information on participant responsibilities and how people can have a say and get involved in the organisation.

How it was developed

Developed in collaboration with the Wellways National Consumer and Carer Advisory Committee, the Handbook explains how Wellways promotes and safeguards people’s rights.

This includes:

How we use the Participant Handbook

A Handbook is given to each participant of a Wellways service. Support is provided by staff, peer workers and our Helpline to increase participant understanding and awareness of their rights.

Further information

If you need more information or have any questions about our Participant Handbook please contact us:

Email: enquiries@wellways.org
Phone: 1300 111 400