Wellways Australia Limited is a not-for-profit, unlisted, public company limited by guarantee. Wellways is governed by a Board of Directors and a Constitution

Our Board

The Board is responsible for the governance of Wellways. The Board sets the strategic direction, oversees and reviews the management and administration of the organisation. Our Directors are professionals with a variety of skills and expertise who work to support the organisation to achieve its vision and mission.

Our Committees

Executive Committee: manages decision making between Board meetings and acts as a reference point for senior management of Wellways.

Finance, Audit, Risk and Resource Management Committee: oversees and advises the Board on the financial development, performance and long-term financial security of the organisation and ensures finance and resource risk management and audit processes are in place. 

Clinical Governance Committee: oversees and advises the Board on all matters relating to clinical governance including: Quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of Wellways services; clinical risk management; development and innovation of services.

Appointments and Governance Committee: monitors, and advises the Board on all matters relating to future directions, governance, skill mix, selection orientation and responsibilities of Board Directors including legal and constitutional compliance, risk management and internal assurance processes.

Consumer and Carer Committee: serves as an advisory committee to the Wellways’ Board, to provide strategic thought leadership, advice and advocacy. It is comprised of members who hold a wide range of expertise and lived experience, including: 

  • personal experience of mental health issues or psychosocial disability
  • experience of mental health issues as a family member or carer
  • leadership within a relevant field of expertise
  • leadership within a cultural or social movement
  • political organising and activism

Our Executive: Wellways is managed by Chief Executive, Elizabeth Crowther and an executive leadership team who lead more than 1000 staff to deliver our programs and services in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania.

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Our Annual Reports

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Our Bankers

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Our Auditors

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